Sunday, April 7, 2013


This tattoo is in honor of myself. It is in my own handwriting. It represents everything I am free to do and everything I am now free from. The following is my version of a compilation of quotes and phrases I have read over time that inspired and strengthened my vision for this beautiful representation of my growth and healing. 

There are two kinds of freedom: freedom to... and freedom from... I think the purpose of knowing freedom is to free someone else. What good does it do to wrap up our heart ache and loss, fear and anger, even joy (if it appears to be boasting) and hold these emotions captive for a private showing, preferably behind closed doors with a licensed Keeper of Secrets. It's a cultural norm and a family tradition and I make no judgement at all. I just don't follow the rules anymore.



  1. that is beautiful and rings so true... "the purpose of knowing freedom is to free someone else." i imagine that anyone who has fought for freedom has felt this way. i know i have... discovering freedom for yourself is only part of the journey