Friday, October 5, 2012

Unbreakable reflections

Her spirit sparked and those eyes of hers ignited after a long wait lifelessly hanging on the ledge. So many exhausting years spent holding up that leaking dam only moments away from crumbling...desperately waiting for someone to help hold it all. But there was another way. A humble safety net was just behind her. It certainly will keep her afloat. All she had to do was...let go and turn around.
Her soul flew freely, finally released from the chains--the words, that bound her. Something so simple, a connected...shared witnessing of experience captured permanently in a photograph and I am free from those words forever. 
She used to close her eyes to memorize the was the only truth she knew. But now, when her eyes are closed, she reaches for the memory that made her feel strong.  One week ago, I stood in a park in the middle of the city holding a poster covered with painful words written by my trembling hand for a single photo... I am not ashamed of the fear I felt and the anonymity I wanted to keep. Even though my hands were shaking I wrote those words. My face was covered, but I stood confidently as the photo was taken.

Thanks for the inspiration, Jess


  1. Hello, I discovered your blog through Project Unbreakable, and took advantage of a sick day to read all your posts. Your writing is so incredibly poignant and hard and so very good, all at once. You paint such vivid pictures with your words, and I hope that the measure of healing you achieve with each post far exceeds what you thought possible. You are a brave soul, and I wish you total, complete freedom and healing. I am also a survivor and have walked a difficult road as well, and your ability to put things into words is a gift.